Best sms tracker for android

What is Android phone?

Probably 90% of the phones in the world today are Android phones. If you are using any phone model from any trustworthy manufacturer, like Samsung, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony etc. – it is safe to assume that you are using an Android operating system-based device.

How to track an Android phone?

Tracking activities of an Android phone is the easiest thing there is. All you need to do is:

1. Install a tiny application to an Android phone

Yep, that's basically it. Just one essential step to track any activities from a phone, such as:

  • Checking all communication via online chats', emails, social networks
  • Intercepting all information about incoming/outgoing Calls
  • Reading all SMS
  • Tracking entire Browser History
  • Capturing all media files: videos, photos, audios etc
  • See All features

A small unobtrusive application is capable of allowing you a wide open access to another phone, not just for Monitoring, but even with Remote Control functions. You can allow/deny access to any applications, enforce a block screen, set GPS limits or simply wipe all the information from the unlucky device. The amount of staff you can track and do depends only on a couple of things:

  • The provider of the application
  • The rooted/not-rooted status of the phone

When it comes to choosing an application, we generally recommend mSpy - decent number of features, regular automatic updates and flexible pricing make it the safest and, in absolute majority of cases, most preferable choice.

What is "Root" or "Rooting"?

Simply put, "rooting" is removing any programmatic restrictions from an Android phone. Once done, it allows you to do anything you want with that phone, even things that the manufacturer wouldn't want you to do - for security reasons. Rooting is not a complicated process and it is usually achieved by a special 3rd party software, which differs from model to model. But it does require some preliminary research and certain level of tech savvy.

Is Rooting Required for Tracking Android Phone?

Absolutely not. While rooting does bring additional benefits, such as ability to check 2-side chat histories, it is by no mean a strict requirement. Without rooting you can still track ALL outgoing messages whichever app is used – and that is the most important thing.

Another reason why mSpy is preferred by most users is that if offers both remote rooting and installation assistance. So if you can't imagine your existence without rooting and android phone – you'll be backed up!

Pricing? Isn't it FREE?

Let's make it clear. There are tons of apps and services which hardly provide any real value to the user, yet they are not ashamed of taking money. What you need here is something of a much more sophisticated nature: powerful, easy to use, all-inclusive high-end service. Naturally, it should come with a reasonable price tag. There are lots of pricing options to fit any wallet – just choose the one that you are comfortable with.

How Do You Install a Tracking App on Android Phone?

First, you need to make sure that:

  • You have a working online account (if not yet, apply here)
  • You have a phone for 2-3 minutes
  • Now step by step:

    1. Go to Settings -> Security: enable "Unknown Sources" and disable "Verify apps":

    2. Download the App: launch any internet browser and paste the download link, which you get from your online account:

    3. Install the App: launch the downloaded file, click through all the slides (agreeing to suggested terms, of course) and finish by pasting your registration code (also available within your online account):

    Finish! See, that wasn't really that hard. I won't be if the phone is rooted either. So if you made up your mind about monitoring and android phone, it's is time to get started and…

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    1. Jane Doe

      Does it support any android phone? Will it work with Samsung S 5?

    2. Jane Doe

      Yep, all more or less modern android phone models are supported. If you've any doubts – just check the compatibility page.

    3. Jane Doe

      found lots of similar apps in google play– all are crap. so have to agree here – free stuff is junk so far (((

    4. Jane Doe

      will it installation of the spywares effect the data usage on the phone? will it increase the usage a lot?

    5. Jane Doe

      That kind of depends on your settings – how much date you want to collect. Anyway, you can always limit data transfer of selected or all features to Wi-Fi only.

    6. Jane Doe

      well, what do you know – it worked! btw, they offer video tutorials on installation there and you can test it on your own phone, then change the device later

    7. Jane Doe

      all those data files, logs etc that the app gathers - are they saved on target phone forever? will they take phone's space permanently?

    8. Jane Doe

      Glad that you asked! Totally forgot to mention that. No, once transferred to you, logs get deleted from the device, so they won't clutter memory at all.

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